Black bathroom ideas you should consider - and how to get the look

Featuring 5 stylish spaces that mastered the look.

Best Black Bathrooms


Black bathrooms are having a moment and it’s not difficult to see why. Along with creating a bold but elegant backdrop for a room, when properly applied, black bathroom paint can actually trick the eye into making a room seem larger than it really is.

Don’t believe us? We rounded up a few thoughtfully painted black bathrooms making major waves on the ‘gram to prove our point. From black-painted trims to ceilings and more, read ahead for three beautiful black bathrooms that might make your rethink your current color palette—and how to recreate the look in any room of your home.


Black Bathrooms@sgardnerstyle

Use black paint on trims and doors to enhance the walls

Love the idea of black paint in your bathroom but not ready to commit to painting the entire room? Never underestimate the impact of black painted trims, doors, and moldings in any size of space.

Whether you’re looking to frame and define printed wallpaper or create an unexpected contrast to neutral-colored walls, black painted trims are a goofproof way to bring a dash of drama to a bathroom—without having to paint the whole space.


Black Bathrooms

Use black paint on your ceilings to make the room feel bigger

If you thought a light paint palette was the only way to open up a small bathroom, then it’s time to think again. Instead of painting black-and-white stripes in this tiny bathroom, our deepest shade of black, Blackest was used to offset the white subway tiles lining the bottom half of the walls.

Painting the upper portion of the walls and the ceiling black creates a dark but continuous palette that tricks the eye into believing the room is taller and more expansive than it actually is.


Black BathroomPhoto by: Nathaniel Johnston


Black Bathroom

Create an impactful contrast with black paint

A fresh coat of black paint can go a long way in a bathroom. Case in point: this Art Deco-inspired bathroom makeover.

In order to offset the white-tiled floors and accents in the main bathroom, the walls were painted with Blackish, a softer shade of off-black paint, to create a decidedly modern Art Deco vibe that doesn’t overpower the lighter elements in the space. The end result is a striking but moody bathroom that—despite being clad in traditional white tile—feels anything but boring.


Black BathroomPhoto by: @britdotdesign


Black Bathrooms

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