The Best Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

Blue is a neutral, if you ask us.

best blue paint colors

Oh blue. What a hue. It’s a proven favorite of decorators and home décor enthusiasts. From light to dark or bold to serene, the best shades of blue paint recall some pleasing form of nature (sea, sky, you get the idea). Today, with wellness and eco-consciousness trending, blue paint colors can offer mindfulness, balance, and bring in a sense of natural elements, depending on the shade you choose.

But why do so many of us gravitate toward blue wall paint when decorating? Well, to start, it’s the most colorful neutral in our arsenal. While white and gray and beige fade into the background to set the stage for brighter décor, blue asserts itself in a way that doesn’t overpower but instead complements other colors in a room. However, the best part might just be the amount of options. Whether it’s a tranquil blue-gray you desire, or a rich and inviting sapphire, the choices available when it comes to blue paint colors are plentiful and never boring. Have a look below to find the best blue hue for you.

Popular Shades of Blue Paint


best blue paint colors

Play it cool (literally) with this icy hue that’s ideal for spaces where you want the vibe to feel light and lively, without straying too far from traditional blue wall paint. Kitchens, breakfast nooks, or even a playroom could all benefit from this tone that is equal parts playful and pacifying.


popular blue paint colors

 When you seek a place of respite, it’s time to call on the powers of this incredibly soft and airy blue-green hue. Although it’s perfect for instilling calm in a bedroom or bath, this lovely and light blue wall paint would also work equally well in an office, to balance any stress and remind you to take time out to clear your mind. (Read: it pairs well with deep breaths).

Make Waves

best blue paint colors

Set sail every time you step into a room with this blue interior paint. It’s green overtones and blue undertones ebb and flow with natural light—just like ocean waves rippling under the sun. A versatile choice that delivers color beyond blue, this paint does wonders in heavily-trafficked, sunlit areas like the family room, kitchen, and entryway, where its ever-changing surface is anything but boring.

Nairobi Blue

popular shades of blue paint

 Did you know the city of Nairobi gets its name from the Maasai phrase, “Enkare Nyrobi,” which means “cool water”? We just loved learning that and found it so fitting for this open sky blue that reminds us of of refreshing cold waters and cloudless skies above. This washable light blue paint is ideal for a nursery, where it’s heavenly quality is well-suited for little angels.

Summer Friday

best blue paint

Boasting all the feels of freedom and abandon that come with summer Fridays, this medium blue paint color is strong enough to make an impact, but like its namesake, inspires unadulterated joy. It’s great for kids’ rooms or any space where you want to infuse cheer and a sense of endless possibilities.

Goodnight Moon

best blue paint shades

On the spectrum of navy blue paint colors, this strong and adaptable shade has a depth that’s both dark and alluring like a night sky. The midnight shade is just the thing if you’re feeling daring; it’s also a solution for making small rooms appear larger. That’s right, a bold blue paint color will mask size since our eyes tend to view deep shades as receding.

Deep Dive

best dark blue paint color

Ever wanted to travel 20,000 leagues under the sea? Plunge straight down into the abyss with this blue-green paint color that’s as captivating as a Planet Earth episode. This muted version of a jewel tone offers sophistication and drama making it a nice choice for a dining room or sitting room, where it can lend warmth and distinction to impress your most discerning guests.

Feeling blue but still haven’t found your match? Check out all our best shades of blue paint right here.


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