8 DIY Projects You Can Tackle in a Weekend — Just Add Paint!

You're 48 hours away from a refreshed home.

Easy Weekend DIY Projects

No walls to paint? No problem. The right shade can transform an old piece of furniture or a small accent area, adding a welcome and invigorating dose of color to a room. So if you’ve got some leftover paint around, get creative with these DIY projects. The ideas are quick and easy, but are guaranteed to make your home more beautiful. Perfect when you’ve got a gallon and some extra time at home. 

Add an accent wall

Feeling a little blah about your bedroom? Transform an all white room into a serene retreat with a well-placed accent wall. Adding a richer color offers a much-needed focal point. Below, the modern headboard and sconces get a dose of dimension layered onto to our Irony paint.


Easy Weekend DIY Projects@elleehome

Or take a cue from this too-cool kid’s room featuring Fresh Kicks and Blackest and add some movement by painting an accent on a diagonal. Simply place your painter’s tape on the wall and paint the wall underneath where the tape falls.


Easy Weekend DIYs

Paint the inside of a closet or pantry

Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too. A bold color in a small space not only makes it look more spacious, but it also helps it appear more organized too. So the next time you reach for a jar of pasta sauce you’ll be delighted the moment you open the door. If the pantry’s naturally a little dark, a bright color might be just the pop of color you need to lighten it up.


Easy Weekend DIY Projects@the_cornellranch

Use paint to create a faux wallpaper pattern

If you’ve got a steady hand, a little bit of paint, and a brush, you can paint on a cool wallpaper effect. Easier to switch out than traditional or peel and stick paper, lines, dots, arrows, or squiggles are easy to replicate even if you don’t consider yourself crafty.


Easy Weekend DIYs@prettyonfridays

Paint your interior doors a bold color

Take advantage of an amazing design opportunity and paint your doors another color besides basic white. Not only will a bold color draw attention to vintage doors, it can create a cool effect in a long hallway with several openings. Whether you go light or dark, adding a new hue is such an easy project.


Easy Weekend DIYs@elleehome

Upgrade your fireplace

An inherited brick or stone fireplace can feel seriously outdated. Add a coat of dark paint to really highlight the cool details in a lighter colored room or, if you’re afraid to commit, a bright white will give red brick or gray stones a nice facelift.


Easy Weekend DIYs@prettylovesdetails

Re-do an old piece of furniture

Update an older piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Look for a piece with cool details or clean lines that just needs a little love. For tips on how to get a pro level finish, we wrote a post on it here. Chairs, nightstands, chests, and tables will look brand new.


Easy Weekend DIYs@beautifullyseaside

Add color to the inside of a cabinet

A quick coat of one of our bestselling colors, Wing It, to the inside of a cabinet lets the shapes and patterns of your favorite pieces of serveware pop. A little leftover paint is all you need to transform anything from the sides of dresser drawers to a hutch in the kitchen. Some of our other shades that might work are Goodnight Moon, Headspace, Two Scoops, and Wink.


Easy DIY Weekend Projects@marthastewart

No kitchen backsplash? Paint one!

No tile, no problem. A fresh coat of our trim paint behind your sink or in your kitchen lends beautiful color that’s also easy to clean. It’s way easier to DIY than tile and way more cost effective too.


Easy Weekend DIY Projects@jess_isaac

Show us your creative DIY projects for the home by tagging us on Instagram and adding #shareyourclare. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


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