Plastic Paint Tray Liner that pairs with a metal paint tray and helps make clean up easy.
Metal paint tray and plastic tray liner - Clare
Plastic paint tray liner - Clare
Interior paint supplies and tools by Clare

Plastic Tray Liner


Our disposable paint tray liner takes care of cleanup so you don’t have to. Just place it in your tray, pour your paint, and toss it when you’re done.

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Paint Calculator

How much paint do I need?

No need to crunch numbers. Our handy paint calculator will help you figure out how much paint you need. To get started, enter the dimensions of the surface(s) you’re painting (in feet). NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SQUARE FOOTAGE OF YOUR FLOORS! Our paint estimator assumes a two-coat application for optimal coverage. Learn more.

Enter the dimensions of each surface area
Area 1
Add Wall

Subtract windows & doors from calculation
0 windows(5 ft x 3 ft)
0 doors(7 ft x 3 ft)
How Much You Need
For 2 Coats
0 sq/ft
0 Gallons

0 Gallons

Estimated Coverage per Coat
Paint: 375-425 sq. ft. per gallon
Primer: 225-275 sq. ft. per gallon

Cleans up nicely 

Our recycled plastic tray liner makes changing colors and cleanup a breeze.

  • Form-fitting design is the perfect fit for our metal tray
  • Protects your paint tray so it lasts longer
  • Safe for use with all paints
  • Made of clear, solvent-resistant PET, a recycled plastic
  • 1-quart working capacity
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