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Mini Tray


Perfectly sized for use with our Mini Roller Frame, our reusable plastic Mini Tray holds your paint and makes it easy to evenly load your roller, so you get the perfect roll, every time.

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Paint Calculator

Wondering how much paint you need? Our paint estimator delivers an approximate amount of paint needed for your project, factoring in two coats of paint.

This paint calulator is intended for estimation purposes only. Exact amounts may vary depending on factors like wall texture, color, or surface condition. For helpful tips on paint coverage, check out this handy guide.

Calculate Square Footage
Area 1
Add Wall

Subtract windows & doors from calculation
0 windows(5 ft x 3 ft)
0 doors(7 ft x 3 ft)
How Much You Need
0 sq/ft
0 Gallons

0 Gallons

Ceiling Paint
0 Gallons

Estimated Coverage
Paint: 375-425 sq. ft. per gallon
Ceiling Paint: 350-400 sq. ft. per gallon
Primer: 225-275 sq. ft. per gallon

  • Made of solvent-resistant PET, a recycled plastic
  • Ribbed roll-off area for even paint loading
  • Resists solvents and paint build-up
  • ½ quart capacity
Clare | Paint Supplies | Mini Tray
Clare | Paint Supplies | Mini Paint Kit

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