Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas Inspired by a Design Blogger's All-White Oasis

Step Inside Dominique Gebru's tranquil space.

simple bedroom decorating ideas

When Dominique Gebru set out to design her dream bedroom in her new Washington, D.C. condo, one thing came to mind: relaxation. “While I typically save the bedroom for last, this was the first space I designed in our new home because the world has just felt so chaotic,” says the creative behind Dommdotcom. “I wanted to create a little sanctuary as soon as possible.”

Unfortunately, the 1930s building had been stripped of nearly all its character in a recent renovation, so Gebru was tasked with injecting warmth and personality back into the lackluster space. “Everything was a cool grey — the floors, the built-in, the hardware,” she notes. ”It clashed terribly, and I was determined to make the space feel cozy and inviting.”

simple bedroom decorating ideas

Armed with a gallon of our warmest white paint, Whipped, a few vintage gems, and layers of texture-rich bedding, Gebru managed to breathe new life into the builder-grade space in just six short weeks. The resulting room is proof that all-white bedrooms can still feel cozy and lived-in, especially with the right paint. Ahead, find creative and simple bedroom decorating ideas, courtesy of Gebru.

Start With a Warm White Paint

all-white bedroom

All-white walls certainly bring cool scandinavian interiors to mind, but the right warm undertone can make a space feel minimal and inviting at the same time. “I love that Whipped is still minimal, but doesn’t feel sterile,” says Gebru of her chosen hue. “I think that’s why I always gravitate towards it.”

Create Your Focal Point

warm white paint

Pre-makeover, the grey floor-to-ceiling built-in was definitely the focal point. But Gebru wanted to direct attention away from the storage and allow the bed to steal the show. “I decided to use Whipped on the built-in as well so it would kind of blend in with the wall,” she explains. “I made the bed the focal point instead, with the terracotta headboard serving as the anchor.”

Mix Modern and Traditional simple bedroom decor ideas

While Gebru’s space is brimming with modern pieces like the sleek cabinetry and mid-century furniture, she intentionally mixed in a few traditional pieces to create some visual interest. The small print above the bed and the left hand side table are a refreshing departure from the otherwise minimal space. “I never want my home to feel cookie-cutter — like I just replicated a space I saw on Pinterest,” she explains. “I try to integrate vintage and classic pieces to add some personality.”

Add Plenty of Texture

minimalist bedroom decor

Of course, texture is non-negotiable when warming up an all-white space. Gebru went with a tufted wool area rug, honeycomb bedding from Parachute, a warm linen throw pillow, and plenty of plants to add. “It’s important to make sure the white is broken up with varied textures; it gives a space dimension.”

Embrace the Unexpected

white bedroom design

Gebru writes in her bedroom reveal post that “the details really make all the difference,” and we couldn’t agree more. Small touches like the beige wall sconces (sourced from Etsy), the mismatched nightstands, the low-slung chair, and the off-center print above the bed make this room feel unique. “They say you’re supposed to use larger-scale artwork above a bed or sofa,” she notes, “but I just loved how quirky and unexpected it felt to hang a small print up there.”

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