This Pink Bathroom is Brimming with Functionality

It's kid-friendly—and a real multitasker!

This Pink Bathroom is Brimming with Functionality

Working at Semihandmade as the Brand Marketing Director, Samantha Cuello sees more design and renovation projects than most during her day-to-day. Inspired to revamp a tiny guest bathroom in her family’s Beacon, New York home, Samantha called on designer Jacklyn Faust for help renovating and updating the space.

Samantha knew the first order of business would be maximizing the pint-sized existing bathroom. “The original footprint of the bathroom was tight and hardly functional,” she says. “There was also a very large bedroom and an oddly shaped hallway just outside the bathroom, where valuable square footage was going to waste.”

After shifting and straightening a few of the walls surrounding the bathroom, there was more room to bring Samantha’s design vision to life. “My primary goal was to turn the room into a bathroom/laundry combo, but also to make it a fun space for both my son and daughter to use, ” she says. 

The end result is equal parts elevated and exuberant—brimming with playful patterns, energizing colors, a full-sized washer and dryer, and sleek decor accents that don’t forgo functionality. Curious how you can score a similar pink bathroom at home? Samantha and Jacklyn break down the details ahead. 


A pink bathroom does double duty as a laundry room with stylish terrazzo print wallpaper and brass accents. The pink paint is from Clare.

Use a bold print for palette inspo

To set a spirited tone for the bathroom, Samantha opted to employ a speckled, terrazzo-inspired peel-and-stick wallcovering before outfitting the rest of the space. “We built the color palette around the wallpaper,” she explains. “It’s super colorful and removable, which is perfect for two small kids.” 


This bathroom is painted in a blush pink paint which coordinates well with the white fixtures, navy tile and brass accents.

Pick a soft—yet energizing—paint color

Once the wallpaper was installed, Samantha searched high and low for a rosy shade of blush pink wall paint that would complement the eye-catching print without overpowering the space. “Not only did Clare’s Meet Cute match the pink in the wallpaper, it felt appropriate for two little kids,” she says. “Plus, paint is something that can very easily be changed down the road as the kids get older.” 


This pink bathroom is painted in Meet Cute from Clare. The pink paint is the perfect complement to the terrazzo print wallpaper and metallic brass fixtures.

Be strategic about sink placement

Instead of a one oversized sink cabinet setup, Samantha decided to streamline the space by mounting two separate floating vanities—one for each child—to the wall. “This way there was no fighting over counter space or storage, because they each have their own sink, counter and drawers,” she explains. ”We upgraded the facades with neutral stone-colored fronts from Semihandmade, and made sure there was enough room to tuck stools underneath them (when not in use).”


Navy vertical tiles help to anchor the bathtub and shower area of this pink bathroom designed for kids. A gallery wall houses photos of animals taking baths.

Think outside the the box about tile

To bring a pop of color and graphic linework to the shower, Samantha and Jacklyn settled on navy-hued vertical tile in lieu of traditional white. “Navy is so classic and goes with anything, but it can also look dramatic when used in a shower,” Jacklyn explains. “We both fell in love with this tile and it really steals the show in the bathroom.”


Clare’s Meet Cute pink paint is a great background for this family-friendly bathroom that combines functionality with style.

Get creative with decor accents

To ensure the space felt warm and uplifting, the pair took care to incorporate plenty of lively decor elements, including gold sink hardware, aged brass light fixtures, houseplants, and a gallery wall filled with animal-themed artwork. “Samantha's kids were so thrilled with pictures of the animals taking baths,” Jacklyn says. “My overall goal was to make this really fun for the kids, but very easy to update as they grow up. The tile, the vanities and the fixtures are all classic and will stand the test of time.”


Meet Cute, a pink paint from Clare is the backdrop to this stylish bathroom gallery wall. Matching pink accessories blend in while the navy tile tub pops.


Enjoy your pink bathroom!

Taking the time to create a room you love—and one that provides all the function you need—will be key to the success of the project and enjoyment of your space. Incorporate daily needs and functions into the design of a heavily utilized room and add your own style elements like color and pattern for the most satisfying results!


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