This Newly Painted Covered Porch is Indoor-Outdoor Living Perfection

Clare Collective ambassador Ashley Whiteside tells us how it’s done.

This Newly Painted Covered Porch is Indoor-Outdoor Living Perfection

Outdoor spaces can be their own kind of oasis—a place to kick back, relax, and revel in the beauty of nature. And with a covered porch built off the back of her North Carolina home, stylist and Clare Collective ambassador Ashley Whiteside had an escape of her very own. The only issue? It needed a little bit of TLC to make it feel as vibrant and homey as her eclectic, color-filled interiors.

In tandem with a wider outdoor revamp, Ashley decided to refresh with a covered porch project, turning to the same shades she used on her exterior: Grayish on the walls and Timeless for the trim and ceiling.



Her goals in updating the space were in line with the rest of her exterior upgrade (which you can read all about here!). She wanted to upgrade the faded siding, maintain the wood porch, give it a cleaner look and make it feel more inviting and comfortable for hanging out and entertaining. The overall result? “At the risk of sounding silly, it feels useful again!” she says.

Keep reading to discover how she pulled off her covered porch revamp.

Choosing the Hues

Ashley did a lot of swatching and sampling—and getting approvals from her neighborhood’s HOA—before landing on the perfect color combo for her home’s exterior makeover. She recommends looking at swatches throughout the day to see how each color changes with the light, especially in outdoor spaces that are often sitting in direct sunlight.

She loved Grayish for its subtle green undertones, which add a hint of interest and character while still feeling neutral, and paired it with our off-white Timeless on the trim and ceiling for added warmth and classic charm. “I insisted on colors that complemented the surrounding forest, added a little interest, elevated the curb appeal and felt happy,” she says.

Filling it Out

After refreshing the walls, ceiling and trim of the covered porch, it was time for Ashley to deck of the rest of the space and give it her signature colorful, eclectic spin. Fresh plants and a roll of grass turf add a layer of green, connecting the space even more to the surrounding foliage outside. Comfy seating, an upholstered ottoman and a side table turn it into a space ideal for entertaining and hanging out. Her favorite part is the pair of lamps, which are 200-year-old Italian olive oil jars that were converted into lamps in the 1950s.

All of this together makes the porch feel just as comfortable and charming as her home is indoors—and ready for whatever activity is on the agenda. “It became my morning coffee spot and where I would host friends when they visited, because it has glorious views of the woods,” she says. “For our family, it was the best place to watch thunderstorms or listen to our daughter and her friends playing outside.”

Keeping it Clean

Even though it’s covered, Ashley’s covered porch is still technically outside, so she has a quick routine that helps keep everything looking clean and grime-free. She uses a leaf blower on the entire space—the walls, furniture, rug, wood decking—once a month. And then cleans the windows, vacuums the furniture and rug and wipes down anything else that needs a little love. The paint requires little to no maintenance, thanks to its weather-resistance, fade-proof, and durable coverage.


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