How to Create Cozy, Super-Saturated Vibes with Color Drenching

Let’s break down the soothing trend you’re seeing everywhere

How to Create Cozy, Super-Saturated Vibes with Color Drenching
Calling all color lovers! If you’re craving an unapologetically bold, maximalist vibe at home, color drenching is a trend you need to know about. It’s all about creating a monochromatic canvas, drenching an entire room—the walls, ceiling, trim and even doors and built-ins—in one color for a soothing and sophisticated look.

While it may be a trending paint trick right now, it’s a totally timeless move and a look you can feel good about having in your home for years and years to come. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate in any style of home, from traditional to modern, and in any type of space. Wondering how to pull it off? Here’s how to envelop your space with a bold punch of color drenching.

Tip 1: Try Color Drenching to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger


Sure, drenching your space in one shade looks great. But designers also employ it for another reason too, which is that it makes small rooms and spaces appear bigger than they actually are. By extending the color of your walls up to the ceiling, the eye is tricked into thinking the ceilings are higher. Try it out in petite spaces like powder rooms, home offices or a small bedroom for a seamless, elongated look that’ll maximize the appearance of your space. We love how lofty the den shown here feels with a coat of Blackish on the walls and ceiling.



Tip 2: Use it to Mask Imperfections


Color drenching is also perfect for disguising unsightly elements that can’t be altered or moved. Think bulky radiators, electrical boxes, outdated built-ins, awkwardly slanted ceilings (like the sitting room painted in OMGreen shown here) and any other wonky features you might be stuck with. By painting over these features and matching them to the walls, you’re tricking the eye and making them essentially disappear—or become as low-profile as possible without doing a whole reno.

Tip 3: Establish Depth with Contrasting Finishes

To add a bit of contrast, and so your color-drenched space doesn’t feel so one-dimensional, we recommend using different finishes of paint. Our Perfect Eggshell finish creates the ideal blank canvas for large surfaces like walls and ceilings and has a soft, barely-there sheen that makes colors pop. For trim, doors, cabinets and other high-touch surfaces, we recommend going with our Subtle Semi-Gloss finish, which has a radiant sheen that contrasts beautifully against walls. Paired together, these two finishes create a well-balanced look that feels full of depth, even when they’re the same color.



Tip 4: Create a Sense of Calm


One of the most appealing parts of the color drenching method is the sense of calm it creates in a space. By employing just one color on the walls, trim and ceiling, you’re creating a streamlined, visually clean look that imparts a soothing effect. For this reason, it makes a great paint choice for the bedroom and any space you want to foster a calming, oasis-like vibe. Just check out the ultra-cozy bedrooms painted in Current Mood and Field Trip shown here!




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