These Exterior Cabin Design Ideas will Make Any Home Feel Instantly More Sophisticated

A coat of paint can make all the difference. 

These Exterior Cabin Design Ideas will Make Any Home Feel Instantly More Sophisticated

Interior designer and Clare Collective ambassador Orlando Soria knew he always wanted a cabin in Yosemite, so when he found a 90s-built, 3000-square-foot home in decent shape, he jumped on the opportunity. He’d been looking at Zillow for years, hoping to be able to find a place with ample room, within his budget and with a layout that was an open canvas. In fact, he was actually drawn in by the home’s box-like shape and lack of specific architecture because he could transform it into anything he wanted.

Now three years into a piece-by-piece DIY revamp, he’s filled the home with color and has been able to tackle one of his biggest projects to date: painting the exterior. Keep scrolling to learn all his tips, tricks and exterior cabin design ideas.

Moody For the Win

Orlando’s main objective with painting was to downplay the “cool-but-not-his-vibe” faded cerulean blue roof. Plus, because he uses the home as a rental and to shoot content, he needed something that felt more neutral and a better complement to the surrounding forest.

Once a boring beige, a wash of Goodnight Moon, our deep midnight blue, on the exterior made all the difference. Even his neighbors have loved how it turned out. It pops in the best way. When it came to picking a color, he debated between charcoal and navy. He wanted a dark color as it would best hide the roof and the outdated black aluminum windows, yet pure black felt too basic. Goodnight Moon, which can appear indigo in direct sunlight and black in the shade, was the ultimate chameleon color.

Add Some Curb Appeal

After years of working on the house on his own, Orlando hired painters to do the exterior, since his home rises nearly 30 feet in the air and he couldn’t figure out a way to paint it safely. He enjoyed watching the house take on a new life and it was a luxury to finally have help executing his cabin design ideas. While painting, the crew even hung his Christmas lights, which he says are now a permanent fixture.

The Power of Paint

Orlando has an MFA in painting, so it’s no wonder he’s so passionate about finding the right hues and cabin design ideas for what he refers to as the “Londo Lodge.” He encourages homeowners to consider the environment when deciding on a paint color. A saturated color like Goodnight Moon can do a lot for a home with boring or cookie-cutter bones.

He also suggests testing swatches and viewing them in different lighting to see how they change throughout the day. After all, you never know for sure how a color will look until you test it in your own space. Luckily, he loved Goodnight Moon (he even used it in one of his bathrooms) and felt relieved with how his own home turned out.


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