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Paint Calculator: How Much Paint Should You Buy?

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You’ve finally landed on the perfect color for your next painting project. Now, you’re probably wondering how many gallons to buy. Look no further; we’ve created a handy paint calculator to do all the work for you.

But every room has its own quirks that impact how much paint the walls will soak up. So while our calculator delivers an estimate, here’s how to figure out exactly how much paint you’ll need — no matter the size or layout of your space.

  1. To get started, multiply the width times the height of each wall in your space. Voila, you’ve got your square footage.
  1. Next, calculate the square footage of each window and door, or any other area that you’re not painting (like a wall niche or doorway), and then deduct that from the total square footage of your wall surface.
  1. Do the same for trims and ceilings, multiplying the length times the width to get the square footage, then check out our coverage amounts for each type of paint below to figure out how much you’ll need. Remember that each coverage amount is for two coats. If you paint one coat and feel like you’ve got good coverage, awesome! But for the most professional look, we always recommend two coats.

One gallon of Clare Trim Paint will cover 375-425 square feet depending on the condition of your wall or surface.

One gallon of Clare Ceiling Paint will cover 350-400 square feet depending on the condition of your surface.

One gallon of Clare Primer will cover 225-275 square feet depending on the condition of your wall or surface.

Clare | How Much Paint Do You Need? Find Out With Our Handy Paint Calculator

Here are a few other things to keep in mind before you fill your shopping cart.

Priming Fresh Drywall

It might surprise you, but a fresh canvas is not necessarily the most efficient one. Fresh drywall is very porous and will soak up much of your paint if it isn’t primed with at least two coats first. Granted, most drywall will be pre-primed or even painted by the time you get to it, but if you’re replacing a ceiling after a leak, for instance, or working on a newly renovated room, factor in extra to be sure your surface is well-prepped.

Dramatic Color or Finish Changes

Even though our wall paint is self-priming, primer is a must if you want to make a dramatic color change, like black to white, or if you’re painting over a higher gloss finish with an eggshell paint.

For rooms that are a similar shade and the same finish as your new one, spot-priming (i.e., watermarks), followed by two coats of our wall paint, should do it.

Clare | How Much Paint Do I Need?
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Textured Walls

A textured wall means more surface area, which means you’ll need more paint. Think: stucco, brick, and popcorn ceilings, which have more surface area to paint. We recommend buying 20 percent more paint for a textured surface (so, if you are painting a 100-square-foot room, account for 120 square feet).

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Our fast-drying, multi-surface primer applies easily to conceal imperfections and block stains while providing a long-lasting bond to a variety of interior surfaces. It’s the foundation for a flawless paint job.
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