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3 Easy Ways To Get More Greenery Into Your Life

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Not only can houseplants improve your home's air quality, they instantly brighten up your home and add life to just about any space.

To help you bring a little more greenery into your life, we gathered three of our favorite indoor plants for your home, along with tips on how to care for them. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a new living roomie yet, no worries. We also rounded up three equally verdant paint colors to help you bring some greenery into your home—no green thumb necessary.

1. Schefflera

A petite evergreen shrub that doubles as a natural air freshener (by releasing oxygen and absorbing airborne pollutants), Schefflera plants have shiny, variegated leaves that make them great for décor — especially if your style skews more bohemian.

These hardy plants grow well in small, semi-shaded spaces; so keep them in a bright room but out of direct sunlight, and water twice a week for optimal growth.

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Wing It - a light pink paint color by Clare
Wing It

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2. Dried foliage

Believe it or not, dried out plant leaves can make for a surprisingly stylish floral display—no watering required! Popular arrangements include everything from dried eucalyptus branches to citrus leaves, so simply grab a pretty vase and your favorite foliage to forge an unexpectedly sleek bouquet that's a great compliment to more traditional rooms.

vanity and plant
Headspace - a light blue-green paint color by Clare

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3. Philodendron

Beloved by green- and not-so-greenthumbs alike, philodendron (aka heart leaf plants) is widely considered un-killable. And, its multi-colored leaves are versatile enough to fit with any décor style, particularly clean and modern spaces.

Place one in a partially shaded area, away from direct sunlight, and water once a week. Just be sure to pick a room with high ceilings, because these popular houseplants can grow up to ten feet tall when properly cared for.

couch with throw and planter
Wink - a light purple with gray undertones paint color by Clare

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Leafy Green Paint Colors (For Non-greenthumbs)

Two Scoops: Crisp, light, and cool, this minty hue is the perfect shade of pale green for earth tone lovers.

Two Scoops - a minty light green paint color by Clare

Two Scoops

Cool and minty fresh. This sweet light green is so irresistible, one scoop just wouldn’t cut it.

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Avocado Toast: The only thing better than a fresh order of avocado toast is waking up to avocado-colored room everyday.

Avocado Toast - a fresh medium green paint color by Clare

Avocado Toast

Like a perfectly ripe avocado spread over crisp, warm toast, this fresh and natural green is positively satisfying.

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Matcha Latte: Bold and energizing, this rich shade of green will make your home feel more like a greenhouse in no time.

Matcha Latte - a medium green paint color by Clare

Matcha Latte

A bold, rich green that’s energizing like its namesake.

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