A painted cloud mural and tons of greenery are featured in this amazing living room. The mural was completed with four Clare paint colors, Nairobi Blue, Frozen, Classic, and Fresh Kicks.

Painted Clouds Turned This Living Room Into a Dreamy Plant Paradise

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Plants are more like people than you might think. They need a handful of basic necessities to survive. Some are highly adaptable while some require specific conditions to look and feel their best. One thing’s for sure though: much like us, a plant’s environment matters. Painted clouds and tons of natural light sound like a pretty good place to start.

Donovan Ho is the creative behind @hothouse.jungle on Instagram. A marketing professional by day, he's also passionate about plants and interior styling.

Donovan Ho, the Bay Area-based marketer and plant guru behind @hothouse.jungle certainly seems to agree. His plant-filled condo was already overflowing with an enviable amount of natural light and lush greenery, but the addition of painted clouds in his living room brings the outdoors in to create the perfect backdrop for his indoor jungle.

The dreamy painted cloud mural delightfully combines his creativity and passions for plants and interior styling. Now his home of three years — which he shares with an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai named Christmas — feels truly cohesive and personal. Ready to step inside his space? Ahead he’s sharing tips for creating your own wall mural with painted clouds, plus ideas for decorating with indoor greenery.


Before this plant-filled home got upgraded with a painted mural, the walls were grey. See more of this makeover now!


A painted cloud mural totally brightened up this plant-filled living room. The mural was completed using four Clare paint colors: Nairobi Blue, Frozen, Fresh Kicks, and Classic.

Name: Donovan Ho

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Type of Space: Condo living room

Clare colors used: Frozen, Nairobi Blue, Classic and Fresh Kicks

Tell us about your home:

I live in a one bedroom condo with my pup, Christmas, and our 60+ plants! I’ve lived here for about 3 years and this is my first purchased home, so it means a lot to me!

How would you describe your decor aesthetic?

I would describe my home aesthetics as bohemian meets whimsy mid-century modern jungle. My career is in marketing, so I would like to think my home reflects my sense of adaptability and creativity!

This Bay Area condo is packed with plants and artistic touches, like these painted stools and fun prints. Go inside the full home tour now.

What inspired you to add painted clouds to your living room?

The walls previously were a grey color. And since the floors are black, I wanted something to really brighten up the room, while adding a touch of fun!

What did you learn while painting the mural?

Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Clouds have no real defined shape, so a lot of it was just learning as I go. I started with a very rough outline that gradually morphed the more I painted, so don’t feel pressured to stay within the “lines.” Also, step back and take a new perspective every now and then! This really helped me with the overall formation and layout of the painted clouds.

Not only does this living room feature tons of indoor plants, but there's a painted cloud mural, too! Go inside this makeover and get indoor plant decor ideas now!
Nairobi Blue - a light blue paint color by Clare
Nairobi Blue

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Fresh Kicks - a bright white paint color by Clare

Fresh Kicks

Think of your favorite white pair, straight out the box. That’s the feeling of this one. Fresh and modern, this is our cleanest, brightest white, with no undertones.

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How do you feel about your living room now?

I feel like it definitely transformed the space; the blue sky and painted clouds helped brighten and liven up the room! The whimsical colors of the mural helped contrast the seriousness of the black flooring too. Whenever I look at it, I feel a sense of peace and happiness. I also love looking into the other room; the mural perfectly frames the french doors and large windows.

Donovan Ho not only shares his Bay Area condo with 60+ plants, but his Alaskan Klee Kai pup, Christmas, too! See more of his space in our home tour now.

Do you have a favorite plant (or species) in the room?

Probably the Philoden Bobcee. I feel like it embodies the playfulness of the clouds.

Top tips for decorating with indoor plants?

Invest in a nice planter! Having a nice pot or planter definitely elevates the whole plant! And to create a perfect indoor “jungle” that’s not too overly cluttered, layer the placement of your plants. Strategically placing our pots and plants help create dimension and depth.

Tons of natural light, indoor plants, and a painted cloud mural make this condo living room truly special. Get tips for painting your own and decorating with greenery now!
Classic - a beige - greige paint color by Clare

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Frozen - a light icy blue paint color by Clare


Like the crisp winter air after a morning frost, this icy, cool blue is a confident classic that’s both fresh and invigorating.

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Looking for ways to decorate with plants? Take a tour of Donovan Ho's home now on our blog.

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