Girl Nursery Makeover Before and After

Before & After: The Sweetest Nursery Makeover

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Moving into a new home and getting settled is stressful enough, but when there’s also a baby on board? That most certainly intensifies the pressure to get your home in gear fast...which was exactly the case when we connected with Eliza Blank, founder of the ultra-cool plant startup The Sill who enlisted our help with making over her baby’s nursery.

Eliza and her husband Steve recently moved into a two bedroom apartment in NYC’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood, and with the looming deadline of a baby on the way, were struggling to figure out how to decorate their nursery. Eliza tapped our fearless founder and CEO Nicole Gibbons, who is also an interior designer, to help transform her cramped second bedroom into a dream nursery for her baby girl. We’re excited to give you a peek into the design process and share which Clare paint color she chose!

Girl Nursery Makeover Before and After

The Challenge

One of Eliza’s biggest challenges was how to make the most of her small space and not have it appear crowded. “Since this was their only extra bedroom, the space needed to serve double duty as both a nursery and guest room, so getting the layout right was important," Nicole explains. Eliza and Steve were using their second bedroom for storage and the space was mostly empty except for an unassembled crib and some bike gear. Eliza didn’t have an aesthetic in mind but she knew she wanted her nursery to feel peaceful. “As a new mom entering a new phase in life that will surely be chaotic, I wanted a serene environment that felt as calming as possible,” she says.

Girl Nursery Moodboard | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

The Design

When Eliza teamed up with Nicole, she already had her crib as well as a compact twin bed and a lovely bohemian inspired rug ordered and on the way. “Eliza has really great taste,” Nicole says. “But like a lot of people, she just wasn’t quite sure how to pull it all together.” Nicole created this moodboard to inspire the design with recommendations on the remaining furniture and accessories to to complete the space, including our favorite part - the paint color! Since Eliza’s furnishings were all clean and neutral, Nicole recommended Wing It, our palest, most sophisticated shade of pink to envelop the space with color and bring it to life.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

The Color

Ironically, Eliza never envisioned pink for her baby girl's nursery but it turned out to be the perfect choice. “When I found out we were having a girl it was a big surprise--I had convinced myself I was pregnant with a boy. I didn’t think I would gravitate so strongly toward pink”, she says. “ I fell in love with Wing It - it’s the perfect, muted shade of pink that’s feminine yet sophisticated. Another important consideration for Eliza was safety and air quality which is why she gravitated towards Clare. Because our paints are all Zero VOC and GREENGUARD Gold certified, she felt peace of mind knowing our paint meets the most stringent standards for low chemical emissions, and supports healthier indoor air environments.


Wing It | Clare Paint Swatches | Thumbnail

Wing It

A pale, sophisticated barely there pink, inspired by our favorite all-ladies social club that made pink our new favorite neutral.
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Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

The Perfect Finishing Touch

One of the final finishing touches, of course, was incorporating plants throughout the space which was a must for this plant guru. They bring additional color and life into the space and the greenery contrasts beautifully with Wing It on the walls. They also help create a better environment for baby. “Plants are such an important part of any home,” Eliza says. “They help enhance air quality, reduce stress, boost your mood, and of course, add to the overall aesthetic and feel of the space. We have plants in every room of our home!”

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

The Sweetest End Result

Eliza & Steve are over the moon with how beautifully the space turned out. “It’s gorgeous,” she says. “Everything fell into place so perfectly and we couldn’t be happier.” With her nursery design checked off the list, Eliza looks forward to being a mom and growing her family. “The Sill will always be my first baby, but I’m really looking forward to motherhood. It’s all so exciting right now. Mostly, I love the idea of being a family.”

Girl Nursery Makeover Before and After

An efficient layout allows all of the key furniture pieces to fit into the room comfortably.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

A small dresser adds additional storage to the room while a changing tray on top allows the piece to double as a changing table.

Clare Paint Eliza Blank Nursery Makeover 12

An art print from Minted above the changing station features abstract shapes with subtle texture and highlight and colors that compliment the space perfectly.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

Another large scale art print from Minted features a beach scene from the Oregon coast where Steve once visited and loved. The family can’t wait to make a trip back there with baby.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

The twin bed tucked into the back of the room helps detract attention from the A/C unit. Pale pink bedding for a monochromatic vibe adds to the serenity of the space and the plants along the window sill serve as the perfect accessories.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

A stylish floor lamp, provides warm, ambient lighting to the space after dark.

Girl Nursery Makeover | Pink Paint Color | Wing It Clare

Eliza’s nursery was photographed in natural light, which creates the subtle color variations seen in each photograph. See how Wing It looks in your home by ordering our peel & stick Perfect Color Swatch!

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