7-Piece Paint Kit - interior paint supplies - Clare
7 piece paint kit - paint tools and supplies by Clare
 Painter's Washi Tape - Clare
Plastic Drop Cloth - Clare
Paint roller frame - Clare
3/8" nap roller cover for paint roller frame - Clare
2" paint brush by Clare
metal paint tray - Clare
Metal paint tray and plastic tray liner - Clare

7-Piece Paint Kit


Our 7-Piece Paint Kit has all the tools you’ll need to prep and tackle your paint project like a pro. Each kit includes our Plastic Drop Cloth and Painter's Washi Tape plus our 2” Paint Brush, 9” Roller Frame, 9” Roller Cover, 9” Metal Tray, and 9” Tray Liner.

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Paint Calculator

Our calculator delivers an approximate amount of paint needed for your project and is intended for estimation purposes only. Remember that each coverage amount is for two coats.

Exact amounts may vary based on a variety of factors, like wall texture, color, and/or surface condition. Check out this article for more helpful hints on estimating paint you need. Questions? Email crew@clare.com for help.

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Subtract windows & doors from calculation
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Ceiling Paint
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Estimated Coverage
Paint: 375-425 sq. ft. per gallon
Ceiling Paint: 350-400 sq. ft. per gallon
Primer: 225-275 sq. ft. per gallon

Everything you need, in one brilliant set

  • Clare Supplies | Paint Roller

    Ergonomic Roller Frame + Cover

  • 2" paint brush by Clare

    2” Angled Paint Brush

  • Clare | Paint Supplies | Plastic Tray Liner

    Recycled Plastic Tray Liner

  • Clare | Paint Supplies | Metal Tray

    Durable Metal Paint Tray

  • Plastic Drop Cloth - Clare

    Drop Cloth

  • Clare | Paint Supplies | Painter's Tape

    Painter's Tape

Clare | How To Paint Trim

2” Angle Paint Brush

Perfect for painting trim, cutting in, and all the little projects in-between. Our 2” angle brush is made of ultra-soft polyester filaments with finely tapered ends to deliver sharp, clean lines with virtually no brush marks.

Paint roller frame - Clare

Roller Frame

Designed for maximum comfort and control, our 9” roller frame is equipped with a soft, comfortable grip, a lightweight handle, and ultra-smooth bearings for easy rolling and happy hands.

Paint roller frame and cover

Roller Cover

Meet the real MVP of a perfect paint job: our roller cover is the key for the smoothest application with a flawless-looking finish. Made of premium, German microfiber, our shed-resistant roller cover delivers even, efficient coverage with minimal splatter.

Metal paint tray and paint roller with white paint - Clare

Metal Tray

Ours does everything a paint tray should: it holds your paint and makes it easy to evenly load your roller, so you get the perfect roll, every time. Use with our plastic tray liner to make cleanup fast and easy.

Metal paint tray and plastic tray liner - Clare

Plastic Tray Liner

Our disposable paint tray liner takes care of cleanup so you don’t have to. Just place it in your tray, pour your paint, and toss it when you’re done.

Clare | How To Paint Trim
Paint roller frame - Clare
Paint roller frame and cover
Metal paint tray and paint roller with white paint - Clare
Metal paint tray and plastic tray liner - Clare
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Maximum reach with minimum effort

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