5 Ways to Bring Sexy Back—To Your Bedroom

Step one: find the perfect sultry blue paint.

Sexy Bedroom Decor Ideas

Of all the rooms in a home, the bedroom is arguably the most intimate. Not only is it the place you sleep and recharge in every night, your bedroom is also, well, where the magic happens. That’s why it’s important to incorporate sexy bedroom decor that makes the space feel cozy, comfortable, and above all else, inviting.

Sophie Jaffe, the Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert behind Philosophie, knows a thing or two about forging a seductive bedroom. Her revamped So-Cal main bedroom that she refers to as her “magical sexy cave” is brimming with all kinds of alluring details that make you want to stay the night. We asked her for advice on how to devise a more sensuous bedroom at home and she had lots to share. From dark paint to good vibes, read ahead for five steps Sophie says you can take to bring sexy back—to your bedroom.

1. Paint your bedroom a dark, sultry color.

Never underestimate the sex appeal of a deep, rich paint color enveloping your bedroom walls. “The whole house is bright with white walls and lots of open light so we wanted the main bedroom to stand out from the rest of the space,” Sophie says. “After swatch-ing different colors, we knew Goodnight Moon—a strong midnight blue—was perfect because it provided the cozy yet natural vibe we wanted for the main bedroom.”

2. Stick with neutral furniture and décor accents.

According to Sophie, a bedroom with a dark paint palette calls for earth-toned furnishings that naturally brighten up the space—and let the walls do the talking. “If you go with dark paint, keep everything else in the bedroom very neutral so that the walls are your statement piece,” she says.

sexy bedroom decor

3. Have fun with luxurious textures.

When picking out neutral furniture and décor accents for your bedroom, Sophie suggests vamping things up by incorporating a variety of lush textures into the space. Think sexy bedroom decor pieces like her plush Moroccan rug and shiny brass bed frame. “Play with different textures to add depth to the space,” she says. “Luxe yet comfy materials, like a leather headboard, plants, wooden bench, sheepskin throws, and a high pile rug add a sumptuous element to the space that feels welcoming yet refined.”

4. Keep the clutter to a minimum.

Nothing is less sexy than a messy bedroom. That’s why Sophie says it’s crucial to keep the space clean and clutter-free. Along with clever storage solutions, like the woven basket filled with books under her bedside stand, she suggests “freeing up space on a nightstand by adding wall sconces” instead of a bulky table lamp.

Sexy Bedroom Ideas

5. Make sure everything is extra comfy—and has good vibes.

More than anything, Sophie says the key to creating a sexy bedroom is incorporating elements that ensure the space is both welcoming and nurturing at the same time—whether it’s a captivating scented candle for ambient mood lighting or a bed so comfy you’ll want to stay in it all day. “Our primary objectives were to create a space that drew you in and almost makes you never want to leave,” she explains. “I wanted it to have a cave-like feel and become my oasis.”


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