Love Neutrals? Then You’ll Love these Interior Designer-Approved Paint Colors

From warm, rich beiges to cool, modern grays.

Love Neutrals? Then You’ll Love these Interior Designer-Approved Paint Colors
Neutrals are an interior designer’s secret weapon when it comes to paint colors. They’re versatile, work with pretty much every kind of aesthetic and have the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere or make a space feel less busy. And if you’re worried about neutrals being boring, don’t! Because according to interior designer and Clare Collective ambassador Orlando Soria, they’re anything but. “It might seem dull to go with a soothing color, but when you [bring in] upholstery, interesting art and distinctive lighting, you create an eclectic space,” he says.

We tapped Orlando and a few other top interior designers to share their favorite go-to neutral paint colors, from barely-there grays to the warmest of beiges to their favorite unexpected picks.

The Best Pink Neutral: Wing It

Our light, barely-there pink is a fresh alternative to classic neutrals and is perfect for adding softness, warmth and just a touch of color to your space. Just ask Orlando, who painted Wing It on the ceiling of his Los Angeles guest room. “Pink is versatile, it feels like a neutral and it’s one of my favorites to decorate with,” he says. “It pairs with everything: gold, ochre, warm wood and so many other finishes. It makes the room feel warm and inviting—exactly how a guest room should feel.”

The Best Light Beige Neutral: No Filter

No Filter is beloved for the beautiful balance it possesses. Orlando, who used the color in his California cabin, says it best: “I love No Filter because it's a great beige that is warm without being orange, and neutral without being gray. It makes a great color for common spaces and any space that gets decent light.”


Designer and creative Shelby Girard employed the shade in her Connecticut home’s kitchen reno—and to beautiful results. “I tested the sample of No Filter in a few locations in the kitchen and was quickly sold—it’s the perfect balance between warm and cool and doesn't lean too yellow or too blue,” she says.

The Best Warm Neutral: Like Buttah

Our delicious Like Buttah has quickly become one of our best-selling neutrals, and for good reason: It’s wonderfully warm and a great alternative to more traditional neutral shades. Clare Collective ambassadors Ashley Whiteside, the Brownstone Boys and Lauren Hom have all used the buttery shade in recent projects, resulting in spaces that feel cozy, comforting and clean. “I love the warmth and charm it adds to a space where one might typically default to painting white,” Lauren says.


The Best Pale Greige Neutral: Penthouse

Penthouse is our pale, barely-there greige with a perfect balance of warm and cool tones. Interior designer Alicia Hassen of Brooklinteriors selected it for a recent project, in part for its versatility, and the results are stunning. “It warms up the space while being a neutral backdrop for all the playful colors and patterns we have in the textiles and toys!” she says.

Clare CEO and founder and interior designer Nicole Gibbons also counts it as a fave paint color and used it throughout her own NYC apartment. “There’s a reason this airy neutral is a best seller. In a bedroom it offers a stillness and tranquility that you’ll want when you’re ready to call it a night. It’s a great alternative to white which can sometimes feel stark,” Nicole says.

The Best Unexpected Neutral: Grayish

Ashley loves our pale green-gray Grayish so much, she used it inside and out of her home. “Grayish is ever-so-slightly not neutral—but heck if that stops me from using it like it is one. It has subtle interest, layers so well with multitudes of color stories and shifts between grays to blue-green through the day. It’s in my primary bathroom and on the exterior of my house for those exact reasons!” Ashley says.


Our founder Nicole is in agreement, citing its versatility as a reason for it being a favorite. “Grayish offers a hint of the color without the commitment,” she says. “It works on cabinets or walls, and coordinates beautifully with whites and wood finishes.”

The Best Medium Gray Neutral: Motor City

Motor City, named for our founder Nicole’s hometown of Detroit, is a classic medium gray with the faintest hint of green for a modern touch. Interior designer Emily Starr Alfano rolled it out in her home’s guest room and loves how it looks at different times of day. “Motor City is neutral but in our room, the lighting and windows make the color look blue at some times, gray at others, even a little green at times,” she explains.

The Best Gray-Beige Neutral: Greige


Greige is the perfect in-between neutral, extremely versatile and warm and a beautiful complement to any type of decor. For that reason, it’s another one of our founder’s faves. “What do you get when you combine two perfect neutrals like gray and beige? A color that feels completely interesting but still timeless,” she says. “The perfect color for kitchen cabinets, it offers a different take on a white kitchen but will stand the test of time.”

The Best Beige Neutral: Beigeing

As its name implies, Beigeing is one of our curated beiges, boasting subtle red undertones for added warmth and a sophisticated, welcoming touch. It brings in just the right amount of color and character to this light-filled Brooklyn apartment designed by the Brownstone Boys, and is the perfect complement to classic trim on the walls. “The goal was to create a sanctuary where you could feel warm and cozy,” Jordan Slocum of the Brownstone Boys shares. “Not like you’re living in a stark white box. It’s so pretty and even prettier in person, which we loved.”

“Adding warmth to your space with the help of this modern take on classic beige,” suggests Nicole. “Plus, it’s dynamic enough that it will work with both cool and warm toned colors too.”


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