3 No-Fail Ways to Display Wall Art

Our friends at Minted share their expertise.

There's nothing better than a beautiful paint color paired with the perfect wall art! Use these 3 no-fail tips for displaying wall art and gallery wall ideas.

The only thing that looks better than a beautiful paint color on the wall might be topping it off with some of your favorite wall art. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry! There’s plenty of gorgeous ways to show off your favorite paintings and prints. We turned to our friends at Minted to come up with bold and playful living room wall decor ideas guaranteed to make your home feel like you. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you even pick up your hammer:

3 No Fail Ways to Display Wall Art _ Rosé Season

Wall Color: Rosé Season, Wall Art: Minted

Displaying Wall Art

  • Pay attention to scale. This is a big one. Most people go too small for the wall they’re hanging a print on. It ends up detracting from the art and looking a little silly. Err on the side of caution and go with a bigger print than you think you’ll need.
  • If you’re not covering a wall with frames and are only hanging one or two prints, hang it at average eye level (5’7”).
  • Roughly two inches between frames is your Goldilocks-distance. They’re not too far apart, not too close together.
  • Wondering where your nail holes should go? Use a piece of painter’s tape on the back of the frame and poke small holes exactly where the nail holes are. Remove the tape and place it on the wall making sure it’s straight and level. Hammer in the nails where they are on the tape and hang.

3 No Fail Ways to Display Wall Art 3

Wall Color: Current Mood, Wall Art: Minted

Gallery Wall Ideas

A gallery wall lets you show off more than one piece of art and is really an artform in itself. Don’t be afraid to think outside the frame. Introduce 3D elements to add visual interest to traditional framed work. Personal mementos (e.g. a love note, a child’s drawing, plane tickets from a memorable trip) shouldn’t be left out either! Once you decide what you want to hang, arrange all the pieces on the floor to make sure the composition looks balanced.

3 No Fail Ways to Display Wall Art

Wall Color: Current Mood, Wall Art: Minted

Try different frame types and mounting options to create depth among your selections. Mixing and matching will help achieve that sought-after, ‘collected over time’ look. You also want to think about the wall color that will be behind your gallery. A rich paint color like Current Mood lets the artwork really shine. But opt for unexpected juxtaposition. While a dark color might seem hard to coordinate with, it pairs surprisingly well with black and white, while contrasting nicely with vibrant, warm tones. But if you have really colorful artwork, a white wall could balance it out too.
3 No Fail Ways to Display Wall Art 3

Wall Color: Whipped, Wall Art: Minted

Lean Your Artwork

Perfect for the commitment phobe, this might be the best way to play with new prints or paintings in your space. The beauty of leaning artwork? It gives you the opportunity to experiment and switch out the art more often (with no holes in the wall!), so go bold because you can always change it up later. And you don’t need any special architectural details to do this, while it can work on a chair rail or a floating shelf, it can be just as effective resting a dresser or sideboard. It’s the perfect way to work in seasonal accents and touches of trend-forward colors too. Don’t hesitate to layer wall decor. Overlap frames, décor elements, plants, or books to up visual interest. Oh and don’t forget to protect your walls. Use felt pads on the upper corners of your frames to prevent marks. While a warm paint color white like Whipped allows your artwork and decor to be the star of the show without feeling art-gallery sterile, this style can be paired with any paint color for gorgeous results.

3 No Fail Ways to Display Wall Art 3

Wall Color: Whipped, wall Art: Minted

Hang a Statement Art Piece

Don’t be afraid of a statement artwork! Although a large piece might initially feel more imposing, they’re less busy than a gallery wall. Statement pieces are a good way to make your décor feel avant-garde and interesting while keeping everything else neutral. The right one can easily take your space from minimalist to maximalist or vice versa. Play with mounting options to set the tone—matting for a more classical look, float mounting for a ‘straight from the art gallery’ look, and full bleed for a bold effect that fills the entire frame. Just make sure that the colors in the print or painting work with whatever your wall color is.

When in doubt opt for colors and pieces you love—it will be the right combination every time.


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