Clare | Summer Vibes: How To Get Them Any Time, Anywhere
Lemonade - a light yellow paint color by Clare

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Summer Vibes: How To Get Them Any Time, Anywhere

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Summer never feels long enough. Just when we’ve settled into our tank tops and brand new sunglasses, fall weather comes rolling in, killing our cheery summer vibes.

Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to keep the summer feels flowing all year long—all you need is a little inspiration. So before you call out from work and head outside to soak up the last few weeks of sun, read ahead for a handful of things you can do to create some instant summer vibes at home—no FOMO included.

1. Drink Rosé.

Okay, we admit it: Few things are more refreshing than a crisp glass of rosé on a hot summer day. However, uncorking a bottle after a long day in autumn isn’t so bad either. Not a fan of sparkling wines? No worries. Employ a blush-hued paint color, such as Rosé Season, on your living room walls to set a similarly soothing ambiance at home.

Rose Season - pink paint color by Clare
Rosé Season - a medium, vibrant pink paint color by Clare
Rosé Season

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2. Play with palm prints.

Whether it means throwing a few banana-leaf-patterned decorative pillows on your sofa or splurging on a tropical tree-filled work of art, palm prints are an easy way to bring some summer-style greenery indoors. And, it looks especially great against a Matcha Latte backdrop—no green thumb necessary.

Matcha Latte - a medium green paint color by Clare
Matcha Latte

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3. Or a sunny color palette.

Nothing screams “summertime” in your home like a sunny color palette of bright, warm hues. Forget about the gray weather outside by decorating your space with bold textiles and an uplifting color of wall paint, like Lemonade or Golden Hour, to keep those cheery summer vibes alive, 365.

chair table mug 2
Golden Hour - a bold yellow paint color by Clare
Golden Hour

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4. Take a weekend vacay.

Just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself to a nice weekend getaway for fun. Whether it’s a quick road trip to the nearest coast with your girlfriends or a romantic 48-hour retreat with your bae, a weekend vacay will always feel like summertime. And if it’s a more permanent vacation you’re searching for, try painting your bedroom or home office with a vibrant ocean-inspired hue, such as Vacay, for an endless supply of summer feels.

vanity  2
Vacay - a medium blue - teal paint color by Clare

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5. Or have a stay-cation.

No time for a trip? That’s cool. You can indulge in a relaxing stay-cay at home to break away from your daily routine. If your call if you binge-watch every last episode of “This Is Us” or finally paint your kitchen that perfect shade of breezy Summer Friday blue. Take a solid day or two for yourself summertime-style to simply unplug and DO YOU.

Summer Friday - a medium blue paint color by Clare
Summer Friday

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