This design blogger surprised her brother with an impactful and affordable home makeover. See how she pulled it off now on our blog!

Inside a Heartwarming Makeover Packed With Affordable Home Decor Tips

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After a long day at work, there’s no better feeling than coming home to great company and a space you love to spend time in. This idea rings true for so many of us, but for blogger Tina Cargill, it felt especially relevant for her brother this summer.

“My brother has four children and is the sole provider for his family of six,” she shares. ”He is a UPS driver and works so hard, especially during COVID.” Although he moved into his home two years ago, the space lacked the personalized details and functionality that make a house truly feel like a family home. So with one week, a few cans of paint, and tons of affordable home decor hacks, Tina did what any interior design-obsessed sister would do: she created her brother’s dream home. Keep reading to go inside the surprise makeover.

A fresh coat of gray paint and matching bedding seriously upgraded this main bedroom. The paint color is Penthouse by Clare.

Name: Tina Cargill

Location: Wadsworth, OH

Type of Space: Brother’s home (main bedroom, dining room, living room)

Clare color used: Penthouse

We love this project and the story behind it! How did you pull it off?

This idea came to fruition when my brother and his family booked a vacation. I called him up and asked him to leave the keys to his house for me. He was like “Umm, why?!” They were gone for one week so I went in and worked my magic in three of their rooms.

Tell us more about the home before the makeover:

My brother's home is over 100 years old and because of this, spaces can be a little quirky. For example, his bedroom closet is so tiny; before we started he had three mismatched dressers in their room to accommodate their storage needs. I really wanted things to come together with one cohesive look.

This bedroom makeover features tons of affordable home decor ideas, including a fresh coat of greige paint. This calming bedroom paint color is Penthouse by Clare.
Penthouse - a light gray - greige paint color by Clare

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Describe your decorating process with affordable home decor:

The two design elements I kept going back to were functionality and a better aesthetic. I wanted to turn their house into a home. I replaced their mismatched furniture with a bedroom suite I chalk painted. It was super budget friendly and totally transformed the space. My quote when it comes to decorating is “if you hate it, paint it.”

How did paint help transform the space?

Painting my brother’s house made such a difference. The rooms were an old peachy-tan color that didn’t lighten the space at all. I used Penthouse, which is the perfect greige because it can pull warm or cool tones. I love a good timeless paint color.

This main bedroom features a neutral light gray paint called Penthouse by Clare. It's complemented by black sconces and farmhouse-inspired decor.

When decorating for someone else, how do you find the balance between styles and preferences?

I would describe my decor aesthetic as industrial, boho and farmhouse with a touch of eclectic. My brother really likes my home and is always complimenting different projects we do throughout it, but I know he ultimately likes to keep things a lot simpler. I tried to use my design eye to help create spaces that function better while keeping him and his girlfriend in mind.

Describe the home now:

My brother’s house a home. Everything feels much cozier and more purposeful. My brother and his family were so excited and surprised when they got home. The kiddos ran around the house calling out their favorite new items in the house, it was so cute to see!

I love the bright, cozy vibes the main bedroom has now. Before it was honestly such a mess and now it’s a cohesive space with purpose and functionality. It makes me happy knowing he and his girlfriend have a true, relaxing bedroom. I think the light sconce next to the bed is my favorite touch – I love that it serves purpose and also makes the room feel really homey.

A light greige wall paint, framed prints, and stylish bedding took make this bedroom before and after nearly unrecognizable. The neutral gray paint color is Penthouse by Clare.

Any favorite decor tricks to share?

  • Like I said earlier, one of my favorite design tips is “if you hate it, paint it” – whether it’s furniture, walls or cabinets, paint is a way to totally change a space.
  • For anyone wanting their house to feel like a home, add in rugs, light fixtures and different textures with throw pillows, baskets and other textiles. All of the little details are what add up to make a space feel more like YOU. Don’t feel so confined into one decor style.
  • When it comes to larger items that you won’t change out frequently (like paint on the walls or furniture), keep it neutral and add in pops of color with decorative accents that can easily be switched up!
Penthouse - a light gray - greige paint color by Clare


Airy and refined, this ultra pale greige is the perfect mix of warm and cool. An understated shade that’ll bring a sophisticated vibe to any space.

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You don't have to overhaul your space to make a big impact. This dining room uses affordable home decor ideas, like swapping key furniture pieces and adding a rug.
This home decor-obsessed blogger surprise her brother — a UPS driver working to support his family of 6 during COVID-19 — with an amazing makeover. Get tons of affordable home decor ideas now!

Tina Cargill, blogger and home decorator behind the Inspired Reality blog.

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