planter spring color
Baby Soft - a light pink paint color by Clare
Baby Soft

minimal, bright, and airy

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Seasonal Swap: 6 Springy Paint Colors That Also Work For Fall

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From summer brights to winter whites, the colors of each season are unequivocal. And while they may inspire our wardrobes, our cocktail choices, even our vacation destinations, we believe here at Clare that paint colors shouldn’t be the subject of a seasonal trend.

Everything else in your home? Well, that’s fair game. And truly switching it up may mean forgoing the go-to jewel tones typically associated with autumn for a traditionally spring-like pastel.

Here are three ways to think outside of the (jewel) box when it comes to warming up your home’s color palette this fall.

Make It Monochromatic

It goes without saying that chilly temps are the perfect cue to bring out the blankets and throws. Think of how you’d layer a scarf or lightweight jacket on top of your favorite summer dress, and then experiment a little with mixing textures and colors.

If your decor skews more jewel-tone to begin with, choose accessories in the same color family but on the softer side, like powder blue and navy, for example. If you’re already working within a neutral space (many pastels fall in the neutral category), take the inverse approach and layer in like colors that are richer and more intense in tone (lilac chair, meet purple throw).

The goal with any color pairing is to create moments of contrast that feel cohesive while allowing each individual element to shine.

Pair Like A Pro:

vase on table
Goodnight Moon - a dark navy blue paint color by Clare
Goodnight Moon

edgy, dramatic, and sophisticated

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dresser with flowers
Headspace - a light blue-green paint color by Clare

cool, calm, and sophisticated

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Add Black

Black can be intense and intimidating, but few neutrals are as versatile. Pair any pastel alongside it (pink may be our favorite) for a look that’s instantly fall-friendly.

Accessories, like a throw pillow or lamp shade, are easy seasonal swaps, but black hardware, like cabinet pulls and drapery rods can have an equally big impact and can make the difference between a gender-neutral space and one that feels overly feminine.

Pair Like A Pro:

drawer and chair
Wing It - a light pink paint color by Clare
Wing It

stylish, minimal, and airy

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corner of fire place
Blackish - an almost black paint color by Clare

dramatic, whimsical, and dark

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Sub In Pale Yellow For White

Sticklers for the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule may find soft, creamy yellow to be a nice substitute. Try it with an off-black for a spin on the classic black and white color combo or with perennially chic grey for a more modern vibe.

Pair Like A Pro:

chair and table
Lemonade - a light yellow paint color by Clare

whimsical, cheerful, and airy

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grey chair and planter
Seize The Gray - a light gray paint color by Clare
Seize The Gray

sophisticated, minimal, and cool

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