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What is IXYS IC Division's Lead-Free/RoHS (Restrictions on Hazardous Substances) Commitment?

IXYS IC Division is fully committed to the European Parliament's Directive 2002/95/EC on Restriction on Hazardous Substance (RoHS) and took early initiative in 2003 to provide environmentally friendly products to meet customers' needs. As of November, 2004, nearly all of IXYS IC Division's products are Lead-Free/RoHS compliant ensuring that restricted hazardous substances are not present or in those limitation, 0.1% of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PolyBromoBiphenyls, PolybromoDiphenylEthers, and 0.01% of cadmium.

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Are all of IXYS IC Division's Products Lead Free/RoHS? How about Cybergate DAA modules and Teltone products?

More than 98% of IXYS IC Division's products are Lead-Free/RoHS compliant since November, 2004. The products that are not RoHS compliant are (1) CYBERGATE DAA & EMM modules, and (2) some Teltone products.

CYBERGATE DAA and EMM Modules: The Cybergate DAA and EMM board-level products are not Lead-Free/RoHS compliant at the moment. However, these products are currently being reviewed for the Lead-Free/RoHS transition. We will provide an update on the progress of this effort.

Tone Signaling Products: Some of the tone products are not Lead-Free/RoHS compliant at the current time; they contain lead (Pb) on the lead finish. However, the popular tone products such as M-980-02P, M-980-02S, M-949-01, M-986-2A1P, and M-991 are Lead-Free/RoHS compliant. The M-991-01SM will be Lead-Free/RoHS compliant in December, 2006. The Lead-Free/RoHS transition is in place for the rest of this year on specific parts, which will be listed by part number in the "Transition Kits" section of the Lead-Free web site.

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What will be the composition of the lead-free plating material used on the leads?

IXYS IC Division will employ pure matte Sn (tin) for the plating material for all of it's parts.

Is this plating material compatible with non-lead-free PCB assembly materials and processes?

Pure matte tin is compatible with all current leaded solder assembly processes and all lead-free solder alloys and processes.

How will the customer know when they are receiving lead-free products - can they be differentiated by part number / lot code / date code or is an identifier used?

IXYS IC Division provided transition kit codes for each manufacturing site on its web site. Since kit codes are sequentially assigned, any kit number that has a higher number than the transition kit code is lead-free. The transition kit codes are available at www.ixysic.com in the "Lead-Free Data" section of the website.

The Tone products are identifiable by the identification mark, lead-free special markings, date code, and/or green label on the shipping packaging depending on the part type. In the near future, these parts will be outlined in the Lead-Free Tone Parts identification table, which is currently under development.

Will all products transition to lead-free materials at the same time?

Yes, all products (with the exception of CYBERGATE DAA & EMM modules and Tone Signaling Products as mentioned) were transferred to a lead-free process during the same month, November, 2004.

Is there a possibility of receiving both standard and Lead-Free/RoHS products within a given order or shipment?

No. IXYS IC Division is not running the Lead-Free and Leaded processes simultaneously. The leaded process was transitioned with the Lead-Free process and IXYS IC Division will not go back to the Leaded process. Also, the leaded parts inventory is depleted and no longer available for almost all of the parts.

However, CYBERGATE DAA and EMM module board-level products are not Lead-Free/RoHS compliant yet. So these CYBERGATE DAA and EMM module board-level parts still can be ordered as leaded. Also, many of the Tone Signaling parts are not Lead-Free/RoHS compliant and are thus available only in leaded versions at the moment.

Is there a cut-off date after which the customer is ensured that they can only receive lead-free product? Will that date differ by product type?

At this point, most of IXYS IC Division's parts are Lead-Free/RoHS compliant and so IXYS IC Division is shipping only lead-free versions. Again, CYBERGATE DAA and EMM modules and many of the Tone Signaling products are still leaded. So, customers are ensured at this point that they are receiving only lead-free parts with the exception of CYBERGATE DAA and EMM modules and Tone Signaling products.

Is there any expected cost adder for lead-free products?

IXYS IC Division does not expect an increase in the cost of our products due to the change to a lead-free plating material. However, because maintaining moisture sensitivity ratings might occasion additional costs in materials and processing, and because lead-free materials themselves can fluctuate in cost, IXYS IC Division reserves the right to make necessary pricing adjustments.

Should the customer expect any differences in performance or reliability?

There are no changes in electrical performance, or reliability, or moisture sensitivity level of IXYS IC Division's products due to the change to lead-free plating.

Will IXYS IC Division supply qualification and/or process data prior to the change?

Lead-Free qualification data are available at www.IXYS IC Division.com in the "Qualification Results" section of the "Lead-Free Data" section.

Will IXYS IC Division make recommendations for the PCB assembly process (or supply a recommended solder profile for leadfree assembly) ?

IXYS IC Division has evaluated various products along with PCB assembly processes with higher soldering temperatures for Lead-Free assembly. The high-temperature lead-free profile used to evaluate the components and PCB was based on the recommended IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020C reflow guidelines. The reflow profile is available at www.ixysic.com: see "Soldering Profile" in the "Lead-Free Data" section.

Will the change to lead-free plating require obsolescence of any devices.

IXYS IC Division continually reviews its product lines to ensure that active products are maintained. There are occasions where limited sales may be the cause for obsoletion. Lead-Free processing will not directly cause the obsoletion of any IXYS IC Division part numbers, but may prompt a review of the sales history of each part to ensure that there are active sales.

Are there disadvantages in using lead-free devices?

Other than the need for customers to use higher solder reflow temperatures, IXYS IC Division sees no disadvantage to the use of leadfree components.

Matte pure tin has been shown to be susceptible to "whisker growth." Will there be any studies conducted on whisker growth, and what controls are in place to monitor the process to prevent whisker growth?

IXYS IC Division recognized the whisker growth concern with pure tin and included studies for whisker growth as part of the qualification process. Lead-Free whisker study data are available at www.ixysic.com: see "Qualification Results" in the "Lead-Free Data" section.

Can samples of lead-free products be obtained? When? How?

Samples of leadfree products are currently available in all packages and part numbers. Please contact your local representative to request samples or utilize the IXYS IC Division website to enter a sample order. Orders on the website must be entered manually with the part number followed by "leadfree" (do not use the pulldown list).

Who should the customer contact with additional lead free questions or for information?

For further technical inquiries and information, please contact IXYS IC Division's Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer: Martha Brandt (mbrandt@ixysic.com). Please send inquiries via e-mail only.

Is the lead free material be compatible with other lead free materials (such as Sn/Ag, Sn/Ag/Cu, etc.) for PCB assembly and processes?

Pure matte tin is compatible with all common leadfree solder alloys.

Are IXYS IC Division's products totally lead free?

All IXYS IC Division products, except as noted, are completely leadfree (according to the RoHS definition) with the exception of several power relay products that employ the use of soft solder die attach within the package. The RoHS Directive allows for use of leaded solder for die attach purposes within an enclosed molded assembly, thus IXYS IC Division will be fully compliant with the Directive.

As mentioned in other FAQ answers, many of the Teltone products and the CYBERGATE DAA & EMM module products are not lead-free.

Will there be any changes in storage conditions or moisture sensitivity ratings for IXYS IC Division products?

IXYS IC Division's Lead-Free/RoHS qualification did no identlfy moisture sensitivity rating changes for any of the products. So, the storage conditions and moisture sensitivity ratings are unchanged.
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